Serving God & Serving Others

U.S.AMEN was founded in 2003 by Indy Vormbrock. Indy was born to missionary

parents in Nicaragua and moved to Costa Rica as a young teen. With Indy’s extensive Central American network of family, friends, and business acquaintances, U.S.AMEN serves as a bridge between North American and Latin American cultures.
U.S.AMEN’s ministry is to build long term relationships by teaming up with our Christian brothers and sisters in Latin America. Together, we move out into the local communities and tell the message of Christ.
U.S.AMEN purchased a land in 2005 in the town of Grecia, Costa Rica. Our current project is providing a functional church building for the Costa Rican locals to have a place to worship. The project is divided into three phases. Phase I of constructing a concrete block church building is complete. Phase II of building bathrooms for the church has also been completed.
Currently, we are working on the final phase of this project which is building Sunday School rooms.
Besides construction, mission teams and local congregation members team up to evangelize
local neighborhoods, teach Vacation Bible School, hold Women Bible Studies, and distribute
Bibles in the area.
Our goals are to:
* Complete our current project of providing a place for locals to praise and worship God.
* Obtain a local pastor (bi-vocational) and provide housing plus financial support.
* Obtain local volunteer worship leaders for music, children’s programs, and adult programs.
* Provide pastoral training.
* Conduct Vacation Bible Schools.
* Conduct teen outreach and perform music concerts in local parks.
* Distribute Bibles.
* Provide women’s seminars.
* Obtain a van to facilitate transportation for our mission team