Children’s Assistance Program

CAP (Children’s Assistance Program)

Susy Miranda, Coordinator

give1The Children’s Assistance Program (CAP) is a program designed to help children that attend Iglesia Tierra Prometida. In Costa Rica, the program is referred to as Programa Ayuda Para Niños (PAN). The needs are great. Funds are needed to minister to the children’s physical needs as they are taught spiritually.


• Promote children’s health by providing immunizations
• Train parents on adequate nutrition (according to their means)
• Provide meals to needy families with small children
• Provide school supplies, including school uniforms
• Teach First Aid and CPR
• Show Christ’s love


• Provide immunizations to 30+ children in the church who have not been able to afford to be immunized
• Provide school uniforms to those in need so they may be able to attend (uniforms are required)
• Provide food packages to several unemployed families
• Provide over-the-counter medicines when needed (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cough syrup, etc.)

For more information, call (713) 816-3679.

Program in Action

Costa Rico 2

Costa Rico 3