We are pleased to welcome in partnership “Jardin Infantil y Comedor Belén” (Children School and Lunch Program Belen) in Managua, Nicaragua. The ministry is the vision and hard work of Rosemarie Bell and Olimpida de Caldera.

In addition to the pre-school “Jardin Infantil” they also have an accredited school “Colegio Cristiano El Padul”, with classes through the 12th grade, and a Vocational School “Rev. Misael López Herrera” where they teach Vocational Training, English, Woodworking, Computers and Sewing. These schools have over 300 students with ages ranging from 3 to 17 years. Besides education, the staff strives to plant in the heart of every child the desire to attend church. Their present congregation, led by Pastor Felix Pedro Perez, is composed predominantly of children and meets at the school.

The ministry provides uniforms, clothes, transportation, medicine, vaccines, and a balanced daily diet. With generous donations, scholarships are made available and many children learn the way of the Master while improving their scholastic skills.

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