We have a few items for sale, all of which have been made available during our Mujer Auténtica conferences and mission trips. If you have any questions, please call (281) 955-9793.

Mujer Auténtica

La portada por nuestra conferencia Mujer Auténtica.

Disponibles para una donación de $ 20. Envío y manipulación incluidos.

Authentic Woman

This is the book which is given out during our Authentic Woman conference. The book is the english version of la portada Mujer Auténtica.

Available for a donation of $20, S&H included.

Tico's Delight Cookbook

This is a cookbook we put together featuring many of the recipes prepared during our mission trips. This cookbook contains approximately 99 incredible recipes!

Available for a donation of $20, S&H included.

La Cosecha

We have a CD available by Lilo Hidalgo. Lilo is a native tico and is Indy, our president’s, son-in-law.

It is a Christian CD with music in Spanish.

The songs included on the CD are:
Mujer Authéntica
Hay Gozo en ti
Quiero Servirte
No te temo a la muerte
Mujer Authéntica reprise

Available for a donation of $20, S&H included.